Tree Water

Keeping on the cycle


Tree Water (Treatment Reuse & Expertise for Effluent) is a company aiming to meet the growing needs for implementing sustainable ecological solutions.

In a world of permanent innovation and ecosystem degradation, Tree Water provides a concrete response by developing models of advanced water treatment technologies while limiting resource consumption.

Tree Water is committed to progress by combining environmental preservation, innovative technology and economic realism. Through its scientific research, Tree Water creates and develops intelligent solutions combining cost reduction, effluent treatment, limitation of discharges, control of energy consumption and environmental requirements.


Tree Water is the fruit of a successful collaboration between researchers and entrepreneurs, all passionate about water treatment and its challenges.

The technological innovations proposed come from projects launched almost 10 years ago. Researchers, PhD students and Masters students have helped to define and validate effluent treatment and recycling processes.

Today, Treewater is based on the association between an industrial expert and a doctor of science specializing in water treatment. Our expertise is based on the development and validation of new effluent treatment and recycling processes, more particularly based on advanced oxidation.

Our vision

Our ambition is to develop innovations combining economic development and environmental footprint. Tomorrow’s challenge seems to be based on the fact of producing and consuming better, namely, by preserving what nature has made available to us to do so.

We are therefore not part of the field’s process of water treatment or industrial equipment manufacturers. Our business model is based on our ability to provide a personalized response to our customers using the technologies we develop. We consider each project is unique and it is therefore by the combination of our innovations and their flexibility that we can provide an effective and suitable response. It is the scientific approach that will drive the innovative solutions proposed and therefore constitutes the major differentiating factor from the other available technologies.

This tailor-made response is part of a sustainable and responsible development approach through the integration of circular or even autonomous technologies.